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When human beings believe their life has no meaning, it’s not uncommon for them to feel like something is wrong with them. They may feel stuck, frustrated, and depressed. In extreme cases, they may even consider harming themselves.

If you can relate to any of what I shared above, you’re not alone.

I started therapy because I was dealing with childhood traumas.  I had reached a plateau. I had a great life…but emotionally I felt flat. My heart was closed. I couldn’t connect with people. I felt disconnected from the world around me. 

Then a friend recommended I go to Core Energetics Therapy. 

It was there I discovered my plateau was because of my previous childhood traumas. It was there I discovered why traditional “talk” therapies don’t work.  Traditional talk therapy is based in your mind. So it may help you cope in the short-term, but it does not address the “root causes” of most traumas. These are stored in your body. 

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In Core Energetics, I learned somatic and body-based therapies to safely and compassionately release the old patterns stored in my body.

As layer after layer was peeled away, I began to feel safer and more secure to express all of myself. My sessions were a “Sacred Space” for me to explore all aspects of my being: positive and negative, light and dark.

The work was so effective and became so important to my mental health… that I left a 20-year career as a successful fashion photographer to become a Core Energetics Therapist.

Today, I feel like a whole person. I can keep my heart open. I’m a much softer person. I feel connected to my life and the people around me… and I’m not driven by outside appearances.  It’s as if I re-captured my own heart. 

I’m not sharing this to brag or make myself seem better than anyone else. I’m sharing all of this because I believe everyone is always searching. We’re searching for answers about how to live life in balance with the heart. 

Why is this?  It’s because when you live life in balance with your heart, your life works. Everything clicks into place. As they say, you’re “living in flow.”

This is why nothing gives me as much pleasure as going home after a full day of helping my clients.

Yes, I’m tired. Yes, I’ve worked all day… but my sense of having contributed something to the Whole is completely alive. 


Which is exactly what I help my clients rediscover inside of themselves: their passion, their sense of connection to something greater… and their unique genius.

How do we do it?  Not with traditional talk therapy. It’s with the same set of tools and techniques I used to reignite my own passion for life. 

I believe these tools are the fastest and most effective way to cure depression, calm anxiety, handle everyday difficulties, heal trauma, resolve pain in relationships, and find deeper meaning in life.

My goal is to provide a completely safe space for you to discover yourself once again… because I believe the only way you can feel fully alive and safe to be yourself is to allow ALL of who you are to exist: the light and the dark, the “positive” and the “negative.”

If you don’t believe it’s possible, I understand. It might seem unattainable right now… but I want to make it as effortless as possible for you to try. This is why I offer a 12-week money-back guarantee to all of my clients.

If you are not fundamentally changed after 12 weeks of working with me, I will give you your money back.  (I have witnessed so much success with my clients that I am this confident about my work!)

On this initial call, I’ll help you identify the core pattern holding you back, and lay out a plan to release it. If it feels like we’re a good fit for working together, I’ll invite you to work with me.

I bring to my practice a unique combination of years of training in different therapeutic modalities, along with a lifetime of experience on my own healing journey; and as a lifelong student of meditation, mindfulness,  neuroscience, consciousness expansion and spirituality.

I speak several foreign languages including Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, some German and some Spanish.

I look forward to meeting you,


Call or text me for a free intro session: 646-321-9738

Or email: Nicolai@NicolaiGrosel.com

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