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Core Energetics is an evolutionary form of body-based therapy, combining body, spiritual process and healing, that releases your emotional blocks which are often held in your physical body.  

Core Energetics is a form of somatic psychotherapy that seeks to unify all aspects of our human experience: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  In Core Energetics, healthy living is achieved with a balanced flow of energy through the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Because of its unique focus, Core Energetics is applicable to many problems you may face such as general dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, low self–esteem, addiction, childhood and/or adult trauma, or simply searching for more meaning in their life. This method is also applicable to help you manage stress and chronic physical problems, including sexual dysfunction.  

A typical Core Energetics session consists of a combination of traditional talk therapy to bring consciousness and awareness to your issues as well as various body movements to activate and release energy you are holding in your body. 

Dr. John Pierrakos, M.D., developed Core Energetics four decades ago after studying with William Reich and his subsequent collaboration with one of his fellow students, Alexander Lowen.




Father of Psychoanalytic Theory

Formed the theory that all healing takes place
by uncovering childhood memories held in the unconscious mind.
Character Analysis Theory
body holds memory and that healing needed to happen within both the body and mind.

Student of Freud who formed the theory that the

Co-Founders of Bioenergetic Analysis

Students of Reich who developed this Mind-Body Psychotherapy proving that blocks to emotional expression and wellness are revealed and  expressed in the body as chronic muscle tensions which are often subconscious and need to be released for full healing.
In 1978, Dr. John Pierrakos created Core Energetics having done research on the spiritual discipline called Pathwork as well as the nature of human energy fields.  He added these elements into the Bioenergetic Analysis model and Core Energetics was born – a holistic process encompassing body, emotion, mind, and spirit.

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