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Experience lasting transformation with Somatic Psychotherapy and Body-Centered Core Energetics Therapy in New York

In bringing consciousness to your habitual patterns, you can move toward freeing yourself and make lasting changes in your life.  You can achieve emotional freedom, healing and transformation through a holistic process involving body, emotion, mind, and spirit through this revolutionary somatic psychotherapy process:  Core Energetics therapy.



Somatic Therapy  |  Body-Centered Therapy  |  Core Energetics Therapy

Core Energetics Therapy is a revolutionary mode of healing, combining somatic, body-centered psychotherapy and spiritual process, that seeks to release your emotional blocks and trauma which are often held in your physical body.

My therapy practice is located Online and New York City. I offer Covid-safe virtual somatic therapy sessions for all clients, including international and out-of-state clients .

Somatic Therapy Specialties Offered in NY

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General Somatic Psychotherapy & Core Energetics

Maybe you feel stuck…or feel like life has no purpose... Or you’re anxious, depressed, can’t seem to focus, feel something is missing...but you want to be happier, feel more fulfilled, and feel like life has meaning, you are in the right place. Nicolai Grosell offers online somatic therapy working with the energy of the body using a combination of talk therapy, physical practices and embodied mindfulness. By starting with the emotional and physical, his way of working allows you to unravel your internal blocks, start trusting yourself, start living with purpose and feel truly alive through the container of a safe and supportive relationship. He uses trauma-informed, body-centered therapy techniques that provide you with the tools they need to gain access to the emotional intelligence that exists within your body.

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Couples Therapy & Relationships

Relationships can be challenging, to say the least. As a Core Energetics somatic psychotherapist and an Exceptional Marriage Mentor, Nicolai Grosell works with couples to work out the issues that keep you stuck, frustrated and not effectively communicating. Nicolai’s trauma-informed therapy method of working with emotions, the body, mind and spirit through a combination of psychotherapy and body-based therapy gives couples effective ways of working through and resolving conflicts, gaining insights into their relationship, improving communication and improve the overall satisfaction of the relationship. When using these techniques along with mindfulness and a spiritual component, you can activate a greater consciousness to unblock the layers of energy that were keeping you stuck so that you are able to release them and reconnect with your innate capacity to love. In our work together, couples identify and create lasting change in behaviors, and learning more useful ways of communicating and interacting with one another.

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Addiction & Recovery

Nicolai Grosell provides a safe and supportive environment for clients struggling with addictions, or in recovery from addictions, where you can dive deeper to explore what’s causing your current issues, work together to unravel and heal the underlying problem and create lasting solutions that work for you. He understands that while there is no one quick fix to addictions, but until you address the issue driving the root of your addiction, you will keep at it, because you don’t know any other way to deal with the root problem. Using effective trauma-informed, somatic-based therapy methods along with neuroscience-backed tools, Nicolai helps you to finally successfully break bad habits and get past your addictions.  He helps you unblock your feelings in order to get a better understanding of who you are and why you are being drawn to your addiction. Nicolai’s approach to addiction is a collaborative process in which he helps you process through the root of your problem to create lasting solutions to your concerns.

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Sexual Trauma

Nicolai offers a safe, open, trauma-informed, judgement-free therapy space for all genders to process through and heal wounds from sexual trauma, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction, intimacy issues or gender identity issues. Sexual issues effect both the body and mind, and it is only by addressing both that we can get to the root of the problem and transform it so that you heal and enhance the connection to your sexuality, find deeper meaning, and are fully present in life. Whether you are looking to heal your sexual wounds, or just desire a more fulfilling intimate relationship with your partner, the ability to ask for what you want, or a more positive relationship to your sexuality, I am here to support you with compassion and understanding. All sexual orientations, genders and gender non binary identified persons welcome

client testimonials

There has been no better investment. If your spirit is calling out for something greater as was mine. You owe it to yourself to experience sessions with Nicolai Grosell. I was angry, confused and spiritually broken when I started. Each session with Nicolai has given me the necessary tools to release old patterns and beliefs as well as providing me with opportunities to grow and heal. Each session leaves me refreshed and renewed. You will change in ways you will never imagine. You deserve it! Spiritually fit and still a work in process.
-Y. G
I've been with Nicolai Grosell for 2 years, and I have to say that he is an excellent therapist... I had other therapists before but none of them helped me the way Nicolai Grosell did and continues to do it. I'm extremely grateful and happy with the results that I'm getting by working with him. Nicolai has supported and guided me throughout the darkest moments of my life. He never gave up on me. Nicolai is the type of therapist that will not give up on his patients... I'm so grateful and thankful to have his unconditional support and guidance and to have him as my therapist.
I have been a client of Nicolai Grosell for over 4 + years. There are few words that can actually express how amazing Nicolai is as a guide to discovering one’s self. He has guided me through a long and ongoing process of self-discovery and growing inner strength. During this journey, I have always felt totally safe and comfortable, revealing my deepest fears and deepest secrets. I would recommend Nicolai to anyone that is on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing.
Nicolai truly cares about his client's well-being. His acute perception coupled with his supportive nature in this challenging Core work is reassuring as I begin to open up and expand.
Something wasn’t working for me. I needed help to change, To grow. Nicolai has helped propel me forward in life. I have never had an experience like it before. I was apprehensive at first but Nicolai is not typical nor traditional. Sessions with him will give you strength and awaken your inner being to a whole new level.

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