Somatic Therapy for Addiction in New York

Addiction is a complex condition which results from multiple causes and is often linked to deep emotional and physical trauma. Nicolai Grosell’s practice provides specialized addiction therapy that uses somatic therapy to address these underlying issues, thereby facilitating profound and long-lasting recovery.

What is Somatic Therapy?

Rather than focusing on mental and emotional aspects of substance use disorders like conventional talking therapies, somatic therapy is mindful of the fact that trauma and stress are usually stored in the body. It does this by engaging one’s physical sensations and experiences, thus freeing the emotions pent up within them leading to cure such as wholeness.

How Does Somatic Therapy Help with Addiction Recovery?

Releasing Trapped Trauma

Several people struggling with addiction have suffered past traumas. These traumatic events might be contained within the body resulting into problems including chronic pain, stiffness or other somatic symptoms. By relieving these trapped traumas, a person can experience relief from both physical pain as well as emotional pain.

Strengthening Mind-Body Connection

Addiction often leads people to lose touch with their bodies. This connection gets stronger with somatic therapy by helping individuals to feel their senses through bodily movements or even through meditation. Better self-regulation can result enhancing one’s understanding of their own bodily state thus reducing reliance on substances for comfort.

Lowering Stress and Anxiety Levels

Somatic therapy utilizes techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness as well as gentle exercises to provoke relaxation thereby easing anxiety among clients. Lowering stress levels greatly decreases cravings along with chances of relapse.

Developing Resilience

To become resilient against triggers plus stressors requires working through physical sensations coupled with formation of new ways for coping up while still ensuring sobriety lasts for long stretches at once.

Our Approach to Somatic Therapy

In our clinic run by Nicolai Grosell each session in our specific program for somatic therapy has been adjusted to fit everyone’s special needs. We create a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their physical sensations and emotions without judgment. Our technique covers:

Personalized Evaluation

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment of the person’s history, problems they presently have just as well as the target of treatment helps to develop personalized strategies.

Integrative Techniques

Within our counseling sessions we have activities which involve somatic practices such as body scan exercises, visualization, yoga and movement therapy that people could use to reconnect with their bodies from all tensions stored.

A Safe Space

Sobriety cannot happen without an environment of trust or healing. Coming from a place of compassion, our practice makes sure that throughout the recovery journey clients feel cared for.

Start Your Healing Journey Today

When you or someone dear to you is going through an addiction problem, somatic therapy can be a life-changing way of finding a solution. Call Nicolai Grosell’s office today to inquire more about our unique addiction counseling services so that you can embark on the journey to total mind-body wellness and lifelong abstinence from substance use. Schedule your personalized and confidential therapy session in New York today.

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