How Mary Finally Found the Therapy She Needed and Heal Her Childhood Wounds

“Core Energetics therapy is really about moving the stuck energy up and out of one’s being and soul.”

A few days ago, I received a very kind testimonial from my client Mary.

I have been working with Mary for almost 10 years, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help her heal from trauma.

Today I want to share her testimonial with you. Why? To show you the levels of healing and transformation that are possible when you do Core Energetics therapy sessions with me.

Here’s her testimonial (my thoughts will  follow):

“My name is Mary and I have been working with Nicolai for close to 10 years.

Originally it was suggested when I first met him, I work with him to heal from a childhood wound. It was one that I just felt that I could not heal on my own.

I did many years of different types of therapy… Freudian therapy and Jungian therapy… but nothing ever seemed to get right to the point. And when I started working with Nicolai, which was in the early years of his practice, I just really connected with him.

He’s a very gentle and kind person and is able to listen and hear and guide. And I didn’t know anything about Core Energetics therapy. When I started working with Nicolai, it was a challenge at first as I was used to doing a lot of talk therapy.

Core Energetics therapy is really about moving the stuck energy up and out of one’s being and soul. And it has been 10 years that Nicolai has been in my life and has been working with me to heal from many life’s issues… whether they be business issues, marital issues, or relationship issues.

He’s always been there. He’s been there, guiding me, listening to me, hearing me, and talking to me. And his Core Energetics sessions helped. They’ve helped me evolve into the woman that I am today… with lots of clarity, transformation, and knowing the direction my life is going. 

I’ve recommended him to some young friends in their 20’s and 30’s who were having life problems and he’s been there and helping them with body-based therapies.

I’ve also recommended him to older friends who he has helped again, through Core Energetics therapy. And not just core energetics, but he’s helped guide me when I’ve had issues, spiritual issues, he’s been able to listen and guide me in the right direction.

I think he’s fantastic.

I have never worked with any other Core Energetic practitioner, but I just know that he has a wonderful heart and he’s very gentle and kind and supportive and, wow. I want to cry. I love him. So I think whoever is listening to this, brief recommendation really needs to meet and work with Nicolai.

He’s just an amazing person and I hope that he remains in my life, until the day that I’m no longer here. That’s the importance of having Nicolai in my life. Good luck to everybody. And, well thank you Nicolai for being in my life.”

While Mary’s life story and childhood trauma are unique, the underlying theme is quite common.

Like Mary, many people go to talk therapy for years… but don’t get results because it doesn’t get “right to the point.”

What does “getting right to the point” mean when it comes to healing from trauma?

Getting right to the point means combining talk therapy and “somatic”, also known as “body-based” therapy.

Talk therapy helps you make mental sense of your trauma… and body-based therapy helps you move the stuck energy and emotions out of your body.

They are both needed to create deep healing.

In a Core Energetics session, I combine talk therapy and body-based therapy to help you release years of stuck energy out of the body so you can heal from childhood wounds.

I have been working with Mary for many years because the wounds we are healing are deep… and she truly enjoys our time together…

But I’m confident if you try a few Core Energetics therapy sessions, you’ll quickly start to notice a shift in your body and mind.

If you’re feeling…

  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Lost
  • Or confused

And you want to feel more calm, grounded, and clear in the mind…

Click this link to book a free 30-minute Core Energetics somatic therapy session with me.

In the free session, I’ll show what to expect in a Core Energetics therapy session… I’ll share some of the somatic, body-based therapy techniques included in a session… and we’ll determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

Talk soon,

Nicolai Grosell
Somatic Therapist and Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP; EMM)
Online and in New York’s Hudson Valley

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