The Missing Link in Psychedelic Healing (and How to “Harvest” More from Your Visionary Experiences)

Today I want to talk about psychedelics. 

Specifically, how to “harvest” more from your visionary experiences… potentially saving you years of therapy (if you approach them in the right way). 

And to be clear, I’m not talking about the recreational use of psychedelics. While you can have profound transformational experiences with the recreational use of psychedelics… I’m referring to the therapeutic use of psychedelics and entheogenic plant medicines to expand your consciousness, heal childhood wounds, release anxiety, heal depression and PTSD, and unlock higher levels of joy.

Oh, and, in case you were wondering….Yes, I have had a fair amount of psychedelic and sacred plant medicine experiences myself, including psilocybin (a.k.a. “Magic mushrooms”), and spending time in the jungle of Peru to work very deeply with the master plant teacher Ayahuasca. 

Now that we’re on the same page and our container is set, let’s drink the kool-aid. 

It’s Easy to Feel Ungrounded and Unsure After a Psychedelic Experience

It’s easy to come out the other side of a psychedelic experience unsure about what, exactly, you’ve uncovered. Not only that, what are you supposed to do with what you’ve uncovered?

Perhaps you remembered a time from your way-way past, when you were around three months old. A time when your mother was stressed out and didn’t give you the attention you needed to relax. 

Even though you’re an adult, you suddenly feel the same things you felt as your three-month-old self. 

Abandonment. Fear. Confusion. 

Of course, you’re a mature adult… you understand these are the feelings of your childhood self. You take the time to feel what you felt as a child, but continue on with your life after the experience. 

But then, two days afterward, something happens that triggers those feelings to resurface. 

Maybe your girlfriend says something like, “I’m going out with my friend Greg tonight.” and you suddenly feel abandoned.

Or maybe your husband decides to go out with his guy friends… and you suddenly feel confused why he’s not paying attention to you. 

Both of these situations are signals that you haven’t fully integrated your psychedelic or plant medicine experience into your everyday life. You haven’t grounded the energy into your body. 

Now, you might not have the exact same experience as I described above. Maybe you have different feelings arise. Either way, you still have some work to do before you can fully say, “I’ve healed that.” (Whatever ‘that’ is for you.)

What’s happening here? How can you avoid these crashes and triggers after a journey? 

When you take psychedelics, your energy naturally expands… but if you can’t ground the energy into your physical form? You won’t integrate the psychedelic insights and transformations you experienced. 

The Key to Healing with Psychedelics Lies in Your Capacity to Feel and Retain Energy in Your Body

The more capacity you have to feel energy? The more you’ll be able to integrate the experiences you have. Capacity is, “the maximum amount that something can contain.” 

Yes, psychedelics, plant medicines and entheogens can help you expand your capacity to feel and hold energy in your body. But only if you’re able to remain present with your body and the experience. If you’re not present, your capacity to hold energy won’t expand. 

So, you may be an extremely spiritual person. 

You probably have a strong connection to God, the Universe, Source energy, Spirit, whatever you want to call it. You can probably meditate very deeply. It’s easy for you to rise up into other dimensions like the fourth or fifth or sixth dimensions.

And when you take psychedelics? 

It feels like coming home…

Until a certain point. Until you reach a threshold. That threshold is your capacity to feel and hold the energy of your experience. 

The Threshold of Your Capacity is Where the Deepest Healings Happen, and Where the Most Danger Lies

That threshold is where your greatest learning and deepest healings lie. It’s also where retraumatization happens. Some people who don’t have the capacity to hold the energy of their experience in their body will disconnect from the experience entirely. Why do you get more traumatized? 

Because when you go in and do psychedelics, you open up other chapters in your brain. If you don’t already have a container for maintaining a large amount of energy, you can get pushed beyond your limits. 

If you resonate with this, don’t worry. Just like working out a muscle, you can expand your capacity to feel and hold energy. You can build the muscle of being able to hold energy in your body.

So while psychedelics and visionary plant medicines can be very helpful for some people, they can be very unhelpful for others. 

In either case, it can be extremely helpful to get support to expand your capacity to feel and hold energy. Because no matter what you do in your life, having a deeper capacity to feel energy can help you. 

If you resonated with what I shared here, and you’d like to explore expanding your capacity to feel and hold energy in your body…

Email, call or text me here to book a free 30-minute session with me.

In this session, I’ll help you determine if somatic therapy (or psychedelic healing!) is right for you, answer any questions about how the sessions work, and if ready to move forward after a session, I’ll share how to get started working with me.

Nicolai Grosell
Somatic Therapist and Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP; EMM)
Online and in New York’s Hudson Valley

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