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Four Top Strategies to Deal with COVID-19 Lockdown Stress and Anxiety

I’m seeing higher levels of anxiety, cravings, depression, and fear in my clients than ever before.

Many people have pretty much lost everything they have. Their livelihood has been undermined by the fact that they can’t be outside.

Or they’ve realized that something in their life needs to change.

We’ve all been forced to look at the things we’ve known we needed to work on, but we haven’t taken the time or energy to do anything about them.

Now, self-reflection is more potent than ever.

For example, the divorce rate has gone up in America and Europe.

All of a sudden we have to spend time with each other. Whereas before COVID-19, we were so easily distracted. In the past, we could do whatever we wanted. We didn’t have to figure out how to cohabitate and coexist. Now, we’re forced to figure it out.

So yes, there’s a certain amount of dismantling going on. But there’s also a large number of people that are using the opportunity of Covid to step it up to the next level.

Regardless of how you’re handling the pandemic, these are some of the foundational things you need before you can take your life to the next level.

Establish routines

If anybody is out there feeling not like themselves or needs some perspective on what’s happening, I would say first to seek out some routines.

From a non-therapeutic perspective, it’s extremely important that you get outside and get exercise.

Whatever form you can; whether that’s walking, running, bicycling, or hiking. We do a lot of outside activities. The mental health part about it is to keep your body strong.

Next, get plenty of sleep. You might need more than usual. That’s okay. Let your body rest and rejuvenate.

Drink plenty of water. I’ve found that a large, clear water bottle helps me drink more often because I can see how much water I’ve had to drink.

Finally, make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamins. Even if it’s just once a day multivitamin, make sure your body has the resources it needs to thrive.

Once you’re getting consistent exercise, sleep, water, and vitamins, then I recommend you seek outside support.

Seek help

The people I have seen doing the best during the pandemic are the ones that have continued coming to therapy.

Even if it’s only a biweekly basis, they keep coming to therapy, keep checking in with me and with themselves, and working on different aspects of it.

I’m not suggesting you come to me for therapy (unless you want to). I’m simply noting that the people who get consistent support are doing the best.

So, get support to figure out what the next step is for you. Seek support and explore what your next steps are. Because, honestly, there are a lot of amazing things happening around us.

I suggest to everyone that comes into my practice to use the opportunity to do a therapeutic process of some sort; whether it’s learning to meditate, establishing a healthy daily routine, or having a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding.

Don’t get caught in the fear

A really important aspect of this whole journey is to not be caught by the fear of fear itself.

Because the second you get caught by the fear of what goes on around you, you’re internalizing it without really knowing it. It passes out your control and is now controlling you.

I know for me, the more uplifting routines I do, the better I feel and the more in control of my mindset I am.

A simple thing you can do to keep the fear at bay is to listen to uplifting things when you’re cooking, hanging out at home, or driving. Fill your mind with uplifting thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

If you’re out walking around, put on earphones and listen to an inspirational song or talk from Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, or Dr. Joe Dispenza.

This leads right into strategy number three…

Spend time each day remembering who you are

Okay, this point and the point above go hand in hand.

By spending time each day remembering who you are, you help yourself not get caught in fear.

Meditation is a very important and powerful tool you can use to center yourself. Do a quick search on YouTube for something like “guided meditation for inspiration” or “guided meditation for anxiety” and you’ll get plenty of results.

When I started the coronavirus journey, the first batch of sessions were very much about the fear of Covid.

I thought that maybe the human race was about to be wiped out.

But now I’m actually not afraid of it all.

I take really good care and myself and I’ve come to terms with whatever happens, happens.

But the only way I can do so is to remember who I am. And it’s far easier to remember who you are when you keep exercising that muscle.

So, every day, or at least two or three times a week, come back to square one. Even if it’s just five minutes of meditation every day, take the time to come back to yourself.

Want more support?

If you feel like you need more support, I’d be happy to help. I have some space for a few new clients right now.

To get started, click this link to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation call. This is not a sales call. It’s a simple check-in to make sure we resonate with each other.

I’ll ask you some questions about what’s happening in your life right now and answer any questions you have about my work.

If it doesn’t feel like a good fit, I’ll let you know or you can let me know. There’s no pressure to work together.

Click the link below and we can find a time that works for you and schedule your complimentary 30-minute session:

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