Use this Simple 4-Step Breathwork Exercise to Help Quickly Relieve Anxiety

Use this Simple 4-Step Breathwork Exercise to Help Relieve Anxiety Quickly

How do you deal with anxiety at home? 

Anxiety is an energy charge in the body the same as nervousness laughter. A tight stomach. 

The worst thing you could do about anxiety is to try to suppress it. Anxiety is an energy charge in the body… the best way to work with anxiety on your own is to invite the experience in. 

Let me explain what I mean by inviting the experience in. 

Anxiety is like a pressure in your system. Anxiety is the feeling you get when your “fight or flight” state is triggered. A lot of people have been in fight or flight at some point during this Corona experience. 

Here’s the thing about the fight or flight response: The body wants to rebel against it. 

Your body wants to push out of the experience. It wants to remove itself from the feeling. Your body wants to go somewhere else where it doesn’t have to feel anxious, compressed, or attacked. 

A lot of Western medicine teaches us to either:

  1. Find a product to subdue your experience, like antidepressants. 
  2. “Soldier on” and just stop thinking about your anxiety until it goes away.

But it’s best to address anxiety in the opposite way. 

If the energy of anxiety is in your system, try to give it as much space and as much time as it needs in order to fully express itself. As soon as it fully expresses itself, it’s going to go away. 

It goes away because the body naturally returns to homeostasis and balance when it has the space it needs. 

So whenever anxiety shows up, it means the body is out of that balance. The body’s way of getting back to balance is to produce an experience that makes you pay attention to it.

One of the best things you can do when you feel anxiety come up is breathwork. 

A 4-Step Anxiety-Relieving Breathwork Exercise I Use with My Clients

One of the exercises that I use with my clients to relieve anxiety is a very simple breathwork exercise.  

Sit upright in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. 

Inhale for a count of four: one, two, three, four… 

Hold for a count of four: one, two, three, four… 

Exhale for a count of four: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Hold for a count of four: one, two, three, four… 

Repeat this breathing exercise at least three times.

If you do the exercise for five to ten minutes (if you have time) you’ll help the body to release the energy of the anxiety. 

If you’re looking to do something where you don’t really want to get into a spiritual or therapeutic modality, any kind of exercise is good.

We’re not trying to get away from anxiety, we’re leaning into the experience. 

When you notice you’re anxious, try to say, “Okay, the anxiety is in my body. What does it want to tell me? What does it want to do?” 

Then listen for the answer… and try to give your anxiety what it needs. Instead of tightening up your belly and trying to force yourself away from the experience, do the opposite. 

Pull some air into your belly, take a few deep breaths, let your belly expand, and then connect with the part of you that feels anxious. 

Leaning into the experience is the way for the body to release. 

Allow your body to express itself when it feels anxious. 

If you have the capacity or the ability, go out in nature and just let your voice out. Scream, make some noise that expresses the frustration and the tightness in your system. 

To prevent anxiety from showing up, meditation is very important. Breathe. Take deep breaths. Get sleep. 

If you want more support and exercises to manage your stress and anxiety, schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with me. 

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