4 Reasons Why It Could Be Time To Heal Trauma with Core Energetics Somatic Therapy

4 Reasons Why It Could Be Time To Heal Trauma with Core Energetics Somatic Therapy

4 Reasons Why It Could Be Time To Heal Trauma with Core Energetics Somatic Therapy

You have two choices when it comes to healing your trauma.

a) Internalize it, or…
b) Express it

In a body-centered therapy session like Core Energetics, I help you express traumatic memories so you can release potentially years of pain and suffering. 

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you four reasons why it could be time for you to give a Core Energetics session a shot. 

Here they are…

1. Helps Release Emotional “Pressure” Which Builds Up Over a Lifetime

Every day, you have energy building up inside you. 

If you don’t actively express this energy, it keeps building up… and building up…

Over time, all the stuck energy snowballs and turns into some harmful, yet familiar foes…




And so many more. 

All of the ailments you just read are actually your body sending you a message. Your body is telling you to…

Get this pressure out of me!”

Core Energetics is a form of somatic experiencing therapy designed to give you the tools to safely release this “energy build-up” from the body.

Let’s move on to reason number two…

2. Works Wonders If You Need to Release “Everyday” Pressures

Core Energetics has helped survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, PTSD, addiction and anybody that had a difficult childhood  heal from deeply traumatic experiences.

I’ve been witness to intense healing and release. Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them release trauma from their body. 

But this kind of body-centered psychotherapy is not only for people who have suffered from intense traumatic experiences… 

Even if you never experienced major trauma in your life, you can still benefit from a Core Energetics therapy session.

Every day, pressure, anxiety and stress incrementally builds up inside you. 

It builds when you speak in front of a large group of people…

It builds when you’re stuck in a job you hate…

And it builds when you’re having problems communicating with your partner. 

Over time, the pressure must be released or anxiety, depression, stress and dissatisfaction can take over your life.

The way I see it, Core Energetics therapy can be the tool… and the mechanism you use to release everyday stress.

And it’s so accessible, I’ll go on record saying it might one day be as popular as yoga.

Similar to yoga, Core Energetics is a body-oriented practice you can do at home to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.

At home, you can use the body-based therapeutic techniques of Core Energetics to release this energetic build up like…

  • Breathwork
  • Hitting pillows with a tennis racket
  • Laying down on the ground and kicking your legs wildly in the air. You can think of it as having a controlled “temper tantrum.”
  • Stand in stress positions…

When you practice and experience these somatic exercises, you deactivate your “fight or flight” response and tap into your feelings in a relaxed and open state. 

3. I Don’t Alter Your Unique Situation. I Accept You Exactly As You Are

In a Core Energetics psychotherapy session, I approach your situation, trauma and challenges as they are.

I don’t try to alter your experience. I don’t try to change your story. 

I accept you exactly as you are.

One of the best sayings I’ve heard from other Core Energetics therapists over the years  is, “Whatever energy shows up in your office… work with it.”

Here’s an example of that saying above in action:

Let’s say you remember something difficult and painful from your past and you start feeling a lot of anger. 

What would most people do? 

They’d probably tell you to calm down. 

But if you’re angry, that’s the opposite of what you need. 

You need a place to express the anger and the painful feelings you have within… 

And that’s the kind of space I create for you: 

A safe space for you to tap in and FEEL whatever it is you need to feel. Whether that’s sadness, anger, or happiness. To feel all the feelings fully.

So, please bring whatever energy, emotions, or dialogue you want into our sessions…

I’m here to help you any way I can. 

Let’s get right into the fourth and final reason why you might want to give Core Energetics a try…

4. In a Session, *Almost* Nothing is Off Limits

Your traumatic experiences are unique and need to be treated as such. 

Each session might bring up a different aspect of traumatic memory that needs care and attention. 

Which is why…

*Almost* nothing is off-limits.

In my experience, this is where talk therapy fails. 

In talk therapy, there are things you just can’t do. 

Let me ask you this…

Has a talk therapist ever told you to bring in a tennis racket and take a swing at something in their office?


Not one.

This is where Core Energetics goes above and beyond talk therapy.

As a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP), I have the flexibility to help you heal trauma in ways that talk therapy will never address.

Core Energetics can give you the freedom to express trauma the exact way you need to.

Ok, we’re almost done here, but…

Before I finish up this post, I need to make something abundantly clear:

You will be safe in every single session.

No one is getting hurt. 

Not me. 

Not you.

Not anyone. 

We will release energy by whatever means necessary, but no one is getting hurt.

Alright!  (*claps hands together*)

There you have it. The four reasons why it could be time for you to give Somatic therapy and Core Energetics a try. 

If you resonated with the four reasons I shared on this post… and you’re holding onto years of pain and trauma that’s just waiting to be released…

Click here to book a free 30-minute Core Energetics somatic therapy consultation with me.

In the consultation, I’ll help you determine if this form of somatic therapy is right for you… 

And I’ll answer any questions you have about how the sessions and the therapeutic process works… 

Then if after your session you’re ready to move forward with working together, I’ll show you how to get started.

Nicolai Grosell
Somatic Therapist; Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP); Certified Exceptional Marriage Mentoring counselor (EMM)

Online & New York’s Hudson Valley

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